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Terms and Conditions website is administered and owned by Emitac Company WLL. Its legal address in the State of Kuwait is P.O.Box 810 Dasman, 15459. The objective of the website is to display, sell and market goods and services in a manner which does not contradict with the applicable local laws in connection with electronic commerce.

  • The protection of your personal information on is significant for us. Therefore, when you use the website or sign out from the same, we use secure technology to ensure and guarantee the security of your personal information upon using our website Purchasing by using credit cards and local payment cards is fully secure.


  • We, in Emitac Company WLL, through our website, are keen to provide the best products and highest levels of services. In order to do so, we gather, use and share some of your personal information. The privacy policy in our website summarizes what we gather and with whom we share, and how you can inform us of the non disclosure of some information with other parties. As the security and protection of your personal information is very significant to us, we comply with not sharing your personal information with others unless with the employees who need to now such information to provide products or services to you. Further, we comply with safeguarding the security of your personal information by all means, whether manual, electronic or procedural, according to the applicable international laws.


  • When you buy from Emitac Company WLL through our website, whether through the internet or phone, as part of the purchase process, we request your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email, and your credit card number. Further, we also keep the details of certain products’ purchase operations. If you registered with us online, we may ask you for additional information such as your age, hobbies, or the products you prefer. To develop the services of our website, we may gather non personal information on the method of the users’ browsing of the website.


  • We use the information we gather about you to process the purchase order, forward promotional offers through email and amend and develop our website, products and services according to your interests. We may share a number of the information we gathered with third parties who assist us to provide our products and services. Further, w disclose a number of the information we gather to third parties if we observe that their products and services may attract your attention.


  • If you prefer not to disclose your personal information to third parties, you can notify us of the same by sending a written letter to Emitac Company WLL to the manager at the following address: P.O.Box 810 Dasman 15459 Kuwait or email us through the email


  • We reserve the full right to amend the privacy policy at any time. We shall disclose the same here on this page or email it to you if your recorded the same or in writing according to the laws.


  • The law for protection of the privacy of children online imposes a number of conditions on the websites which target children below the age of 16 years which gather information about them, in addition to the websites concerned with gathering information on this segment. is not addressed to children below the age of 16 years. Therefore, we will not gather any personal information about them.


  • Upon your sign up to the website , this will make the shopping process more easy and faster. We may store your shipping address and bill information whereby you do not have to enter them each time you shop through the website. You will also be able to provide the shopping basket, follow up your order and review your previous orders. Your information which you register will be kept securely. You may also add, delete or change the recorded information at any time by using your password.


  • We may forward promotional emails to your email if you request so. Each time you receive an email from us, you will have the choice to receive or discontinue them.


  • Upon your entry to our website, you approved the terms of using the website. The terms and conditions are subject to change without a prior notice. Therefore, you should review this page periodically.


  • All the contents of the website are owned fully by Emitac Company WLL or the suppliers. They are subject to copyrights and intellectual property laws applicable locally and internationally. You may print and copy any of such pages of the website for personal objectives only and not commercial objectives. Any other use of our website, including copying and internet links, is absolutely prohibited without obtaining a prior written permission to this effect.


  • The trademarks, logos and trade names of Emitac Company WLL or its subsidiaries may not be used without obtaining the approval to do so. The trademarks of the goods are the property of their owners and may not be used outside the legal framework.


  • We do not guarantee that the information available on our website are accurate, complete or updated according to the prices or availability of goods. Hence, we reserve the full right to correct any error, change or update of the date at anytime without a prior notice.


  • We do not provide any details or guarantees in connection with the website and that the contents, information and services available on the website shall be presented “as is” as stipulated under the applicable law. We and our companies shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages resulting from or connected with the use of this website.


  • During your visit to the website you agree that the terms of use are subject to the laws of the State of Kuwait and that any dispute which may arise as a result of the use of this website is subject to the applicable laws.


  • website may contain links to third parties websites. Therefore, Emitac Company WLL does not bear any liability whatsoever for such websites as we do not administer them or bear the responsibility for their contents, information or activities whatsoever.


  • Except the information you provide to us to process your order, any comments or other requests forwarded to us shall be non confidential and shall be the property of Emitac Company WLL, including intellectual property rights worldwide.


  •  Replacement and return: for any after sale inquiry in connection with the goods purchased through our website, they may be replaced or returned within fourteen days of the purchase date as per the following terms:
    • 1) You should have the delivery receipt and copy of your order.
    • 2) Provided the products or goods are in good condition and valid or selling and display, and have not been used or opened.
    • 3) In the event of manufacturing defects.
    • 4) The goods displayed for sale such as special offer, sale items, discontinued items or electric appliances for example and not limitation laptops of various types, smart phones and inks, may be returned and replaced only at the same time (during the delivery to the client) or within 24 hours of the purchase date only, provided they are in good condition, packed, wrapped and valid for selling and display, otherwise we may not accept their return or replacement under any condition.
    • 5) We have the full right ( website) not to accept the return or replacement of the goods purchased through the website.
    • 6) The refunding of the amounts shall be carried out according to the applicable terms and conditions, and shall be either in cash or by refunding them according to the same method of payment or by gifts coupons or their replacement by products of the same value within a period of one week to three weeks.